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Wear-resistant, anti-adhesive and anti-static surfaces

Tfe-Lok® is a patented process which results in an extremely durable, wear-resistant, antistatic surface. Our electro–chemical-thermal treatments allows us to securely fasten different materials into the prepared surface, a so - called “SNAP-FASTENER EFFECT“. The resulting physical bond ensures a permanent combination of wear-resistance and low friction.


Base materials of Tfe-Lok® surfaces

In principle all base materials that can be improved by galvanization are suitable for Tfe-

Lok® including for most alloys of: steel, copper, nickel, bronze brass, aluminium and titan.

If you work with a rare alloy, please ask us.

The following chart shows the properties of the Tfe-Lok®

 Tfe-Lok® PTFE 
anti-adhesive • • 
resistant to cleaning materials • • 
low coefficient of friction • • 
high endurance, comparable with hard-chrome • No 
high damage resilience • No 
extraordinary lifetime durability  • No 
extensive operating temperature range (-240°C up to 900°C)  • No 
excellent thermal conductivity (99,8%) • No 
abrasion resistance • No 
outstanding hardness of 500-1100 HV(0,1) • No 
extraordinary bond with the layer • No 
anti-static • No 

Tfe-Lok® in various applications

Tfe-Lok® surfaces are used wherever wear problems, “stick” problems or electrostatical

charging appear.

Tfe-Lok® surfaces ensure a smooth manufacturing process and therefore less “down” time.

Plastic, textile and paper machinery
Food industry
Packaging industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Shaping techniques
Tobacco industry

(choose an application for detailed information)


This list is not exhaustive, the range of applications for Tfe-Lok® is almost unlimited. Come to us with your questions. We shall be pleased to check possibilities for applications in your range, whatever the industry, and to submit recommendations.