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Hard chrome plating


To the point

Chrome plating is an electrolytic deposit of a chrome layer. Cleaned and prepared components are dipped into a chrome electrolyte and plated with an electrical current.


There is a significant difference between decorative chroming and the hard chrome plating. With the decorative chroming the layers are not thicker than 0,005mm, while the hard chrome layers maybe several millimeters thick. The hardness of the chrome remains consistent, regardless of the thickness of the layer.



Working characteristics


We can hard chrome plate components up to these dimensions:


1300 mm diameter

7000 mm total length

10000 kg weight


Our hard chrome surfaces have the following characteristics:


uniform hardness from 950-1100HV(0,1) without distortion of the component
high wear resistance
low coefficient of friction
low adhesiveness
high corrosion-resistant quality which can be increased by our multi-layer system

Uses of the hard chrome surfaces

When these characteristics are needed, our hard chrome is the ideal solution.

Our hard chrome has been used for:

processing rolls in the paper, plastic and textile industry
crankshafts and gear parts in engine manufacturing
hydraulic cylinders, pistons and driving rods in the machine industry
forming and drawing dies and rings in shaping techniques
general repair of various components